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Can I Sue My Employer For A Work Injury?

In exchange for receiving workers’ compensation benefits, Massachusetts employers receive broad protection from employee lawsuits for work injuries. As a result, you generally cannot sue your employer for injuries received in a workplace accident, even if your employer or a co-worker was at fault.

However, you may have the right to sue a third party if they were responsible for your injury. Third parties include anyone who does not work for your employer, such as contractors, subcontractors, vendors, property owners, equipment manufacturers and other drivers involved in a car accident.

Examples of third-party liability claims include:

  • Suing the manufacturer of a defective product that caused you injury, such as a ladder with a design flaw
  • Filing a claim against a driver who collided with your vehicle while you were in a company car, injuring you
  • Filing a toxic tort lawsuit if you were exposed to a toxic substance and developed an occupational disease

At Torrisi & Torrisi, P.C., our lawyers file personal injury lawsuits for injuries suffered on or off the job. We serve families in North Andover, Greater Lawrence, Greater Lowell, Haverhill, Tewksbury and other communities in and around Essex County.

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