There are many ways you can get hurt while on the job. Some injuries require the attention of a specialist who understands the part of your body that suffered injury and how best to treat it. Even if you find a doctor that fits your needs, you may decide later on that another doctor would serve you better. 

If you are receiving workers’ compensation to cover your medical bills, you should know whether you can select your own doctor without losing benefits. Massachusetts allows you a lot of leeway to pick your own doctor. You also have the right to change your doctor afterward, provided that you do so according to state regulations. 

How to change doctors 

According to the Massachusetts state government website, you may switch your doctor once without having to notify your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company. In the event you have to change your doctor a second time, state regulations require that you ask the insurance company for permission first before you switch doctors again. Failing to do so can result in a loss of coverage. 

When visits are required 

You might feel confused because in some instances state workers’ compensation regulations do require you to see a certain doctor first. Sometimes an insurance company will ask you to see a doctor for an independent medical examination. This visit is for evaluation purposes only and not for treatment. 

Some employers have a preferred provider arrangement requiring you to visit a provider required by an employer. However, after this visit you can go visit a doctor of your choosing. These two instances should not complicate your efforts to change doctors, though you may consult with a legal professional if you remain unsure about your particular case.