Massachusetts workers like you often face the possibility of electric injury. This is not a phenomenon that only construction workers deal with. If you are at a workplace that uses electricity, you may face electric injury.

These injuries impact victims in many ways, too. You may face disfigurement. You may deal with organ damage or failure. An electrical injury has the potential to change the course of your life.

Permanent repercussion of electric injury

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration discusses electrical injuries at the workplace. As mentioned, these injuries can come from any source of electricity. If you work with high voltage equipment, the danger is more apparent. But what if the electricity you deal with comes from the wall outlets? Yes, even this can cause you harm.

Electrical injuries have the potential to kill a victim if there is enough voltage. But even if you do not die, you may face permanent repercussions. For example, strong electric shock can damage organs in the body. This includes the heart and lungs. Sometimes, it even includes the brain. Injury to the cardiovascular system can create other ailments. For example, if you have electric heart damage, you may have a higher rate of heart attack in later years.

The cost of long term care

These permanent injuries need long term care. This can cost you a lot in medical recovery. Not only that, but short term injury may cost you your job. Electric shock can render you incapable of fulfilling the tasks of a demanding job. Sometimes, you regain the ability to work after recovery. Other times, you never recover to the level you were at before the accident. Understanding these impacts make a difference in how you proceed with your case.