If you work construction, you know that you face risk of injury every day at your various job sites. In fact, the work you do and the places in and from which you do it are so dangerous that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed a list of the four types of injuries that result in 64.7% of all construction deaths. 

Known as the Fatal Four list, Construct Connect breaks down OSHA’s list of the construction industry’s most dangerous accidents as follows: 

  1. Falls – 38.7% of annual construction worker deaths 
  2. Struck by object incidents– 9.4% 
  3. Electrocutions – 8.3% 
  4. Caught-in or caught-between incidents – 7.3% 

Falls and struck-bys 

It is not surprising that falls represent the number one danger you face. In all likelihood, you do a good deal of your work while perched on a roof, a ladder, a scaffold, etc. You also may often work near open elevator shafts and other deep open pits. All of these make your risk of falling extremely high. 

You likewise probably work around numerous pieces of equipment and tools that have the tendency to roll or have parts that swing in different directions. Even an innocuous stationary tool such as a wrench or screwdriver can cause death if it falls off a roof or scaffold and hits you. 

Electrocutions and caught-ins 

Even if you are not an electrician, you face a high risk of electrocution in your various construction jobs. Whether from ungrounded, frayed or damaged electrical wires, improperly maintained extension cords, overhead electrical lines or a myriad of other hazards, electrocutions remain a consistent construction hazard. 

Finally, you have never-ending opportunities to become caught in heavy machinery or caught between it and a wall, a floor, the ground or another unforgiving structure. These types of accidents can easily crush you to death.