If you were recently injured on the job, you were probably looking forward to workers’ compensation benefits to help lighten the load. When the claim was denied, you probably felt discouraged and worried. How would you continue to pay for bills as they piled up while you were recovering and unable to work? 

An important step in the appeal process is ensuring you have the right information to get started. Massachusetts.gov provides a full list of all the information the Department of Industrial Accidents will need. These include the following: 

  • The date the injury occurred 
  • The days of work missed 
  • The types of injuries and what body parts were affected 
  • Medical information related to the injuries 
  • The benefits you need 
  • The workers’ comp insurance carrier 

Massachusetts.gov also asks for specific documents it needs to supply this and other information: 

  • Medical records 
  • Unpaid medical bills 
  • Witness names and statements 
  • Incident reports or anything else that explains how the incident occurred 

While preparation is key, success is not guaranteed. Do not become overconfident because you have all the documentation you need. It is also important to determine if you need professional assistance. Working with a professional does not guarantee success either, but it helps to improve the likelihood of success. 

During the appeal process, it is also important to take care of yourself. Many people feel so overwhelmed by the legal process that their health begins to suffer worse than if only the injuries were taken into account. Follow the doctor’s instructions and find healthy ways to reduce stress as you work through the appeal process step by step.