Massachusetts workers can suffer injuries and fatalities in any type of job. These workplace accidents can have a negative impact on them and their families with financial and personal implications. To avoid these accidents, it is wise to be vigilant about potential risks. Part of that is understanding which jobs are statistically the most dangerous. Even workers who take all the necessary precautions could fall victim to a work accident. To seek compensation for an injury, having legal advice could be essential.

The most recent statistics for fatal workplace accidents were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were 5,250 fatalities in 2018, which was a 2% increase from 2017.The highest number of worker deaths came from transportation accidents, with 2,080 total fatalities. These deaths accounted for 40% of the overall number of deaths.

There was a 13% increase in deaths for workers who were injured and killed after contact with equipment and objects, with a total of 786. Twelve percent more workers died from unintentional overdoses of alcohol or drugs while at work – a problem that has been increasing for the past six years. Finally, there was an 11% reduction in workers dying from tripping, slipping and falling. Fourteen percent fewer workers died falling to a lower level; this is the lowest number of deaths in this category since 2013.

Independent workers – those who have a limited amount of time on the job, are freelancers or are working on one assignment – had eight more fatalities in 2018 than in 2017, with a total of 621. The most fatalities were suffered by tractor-trailer drivers, with 96. Next were those who were in a first-line supervisory position for extraction and construction, with 61 deaths. Finally, construction workers had 48 fatalities. Demographically, those 65 and older had twice the fatal injury rate than other workers.

As the BLS numbers indicate, individual jobs and the cause of their injuries and fatalities stems from many factors. While there are certain types of jobs that are riskier than others, workplace accidents can happen without warning and result in medical costs, lost time at work and even death. After an accident has occurred, it is imperative to think about the future.