Safety is a primary issue for Massachusetts workers no matter what kind of work they do. Because work accidents and the injuries that result can have a life-changing impact, it is wise to think about what can cause them. Research is beneficial as it can provide steps to avoiding injuries and death after an accident on the job. While many factors are obvious, such as the type of job, other aspects should also be considered. After an accident, the victim should know how to be approved for workers’ compensation to cover for medical costs, lost wages and more.

A recent study from the University of Washington says that employment factors including wages, the flexibility of schedule and how secure the person is in the job can affect basic health and the chance of being injured on the job. In the study, researchers suggest that the conditions in the workplace should be assessed along with the job itself when thinking about workplace safety. As the way in which people work changes and technology grows more important, the rising number of people who work as contractors, are in the “gig” economy and have different hours will change the dynamic of worker health and safety.

To come to its conclusions, researchers studied information from surveys for 2002 to 2014. Workers reported their occupational injuries, mental health and self-reported health issues. Around 6,000 people took part. If the worker was in a job without opportunity for advancement or had a job that had a short-term contract or the possibility of sudden job loss, they had a greater frequency of poor health and occupational injury. Those who went from job-to-job or had a good job but were limited in their options also had a higher chance of injury and mental health issues compared to those with standard jobs.

There are many reasons why an accident on the job can happen. This research shows that many under the radar considerations can contribute to these accidents and other problems for workers. One certainty is that workers who are injured in workplace accidents will need to think about the future in terms of medical costs and lost income. Workers’ compensation benefits are fundamental to getting the care and financial coverage needed.