There are always many construction projects ongoing throughout Massachusetts. This could involve building, maintenance and repairs. While this is beneficial for the economy and provides jobs, there is no denying that construction work can be dangerous. Workers who are stationed at significant heights are among the most vulnerable to workplace accidents. These can lead to severe, life-changing injuries and even fatalities. Understanding how to receive workers’ compensation is imperative to covering for medical expenses and lost wages after workplace injuries.

According to reports, a construction worker nearly lost his life when he fell from the roof of a building recently. The man was working as a roofer and had apparently just started on the job, because he was unfamiliar to his boss. The employer was also unaware if the worker was credentialed for safety under the Occupational Safety and Health requirements. The accident happened in the afternoon at around 3:30 p.m. at a power plant. The man fell around 20 feet.

When he was found, he did not have a pulse, nor was he breathing. CPR was performed until emergency services arrived and they took over. He was eventually revived. After being flown to the hospital, he made a recovery. There is a dispute about whether the man was officially hired or, as the owner is reported to have said, was simply on a tryout without having the job.

Safety should be a priority on construction sites and workers need to be cognizant of their surroundings. Employers are required to make sure their workers are safe. With the need to work on roofs, be stationed in dangerous locations, operate heavy machinery, use complex tools and trust others, there are a seemingly endless number of dangers that can cause workplace accidents with injuries and death.

The injured man in this recent incident must be aware of his rights after the workplace accident.