In Massachusetts, many workers are required to be in the road to do their jobs. This is true for maintenance workers, sanitation workers, construction employees and gas and energy workers. These people are putting a significant amount of trust in drivers who are passing by that they will adhere to the rules of the road and do everything possible to keep these workers safe. However, there can be accidents and when a worker is hit by a car, it can cause severe, life-changing injuries and death. Workers and their families must not only think about the medical care and treatment, but they must also consider the future of their employment and how they will make ends meet. This is where workers’ compensation is critical.

According to recent reports, a 50-year-old worker for National Grid was seriously hurt when he was hit by a car. He was in the road to mark underground utilities to prepare for a construction project when a vehicle hit him. It was around 10:30 a.m. The 60-year-old driver was in a 2015 Nissan. Witnesses gave the worker CPR. The driver of the Nissan was also hospitalized. The company is still trying to determine the circumstances of the accident. The law enforcement investigation is continuing.

Being injured on the job can create a host of problems for the worker and his or her family. Not only will the medical issues be a major concern – especially when the injuries are serious – but the medical costs, lost income and long-term damage will be a significant consideration. Workers’ compensation benefits are essential. However, even when there are clear injuries, that does not mean that the workers’ compensation insurer will agree as to how long the worker will be off the job and to the extent of the medical care needed.

As the investigation into this recent incident continues, the worker’s family must ensure that he is fully protected with workers’ compensation benefits.