According to recent reports, a construction worker was injured and needed to be flown to a trauma center after an on-the-job accident. The accident occurred shortly before noon. The male worker was taking part in a construction project when a construction trailer crashed into him. The trailer was on a truck and was in the process of being unloaded. Emergency personnel needed to extricate him from the trailers as he was trapped between them. The injured man had been driving one of the trucks to bring the equipment to the site. The accident is believed to have happened when the trailer came loose from its rigging. The man’s injuries were reportedly serious. The case is being investigated by local and federal authorities.

A construction accident is one of the most common causes for workers’ compensation claims. Falling from a ladder, a scaffold or a great height can cause broken bones, brain trauma and spinal cord damage. Those who are working in a trench can be injured when the trench collapses. There can be an explosion or fires. Toxic substances are sometimes needed as part of the project and people can become injured from these as well. And, there is the chance of being hit by a vehicle or injured by a tool. The short and long-term impact of such an incident can be physically, personally and financially catastrophic. Workers’ compensation benefits can help with paying for treatment and ensuring the worker can make ends meet during the recovery. If the damage is permanent, workers’ compensation benefits can help with that too.

Although the workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect workers, every incident is different and it is not uncommon for insurers and employers to try to reduce the time for which the worker will receive workers’ compensation benefits. The claim could be contested, with the insurer trying not to pay anything. For workers like the man who was hit by a trailer and anyone else who was hurt in a construction accident, getting the right legal information about workers’ compensation benefits is essential.