When Massachusetts workers are injured on the job or become ill because of the work they do, they should be aware of the various workers’ compensation benefits available to them. There are rules for all benefits they are owed and it is important to understand and follow them to maximize their potential benefits.

In some cases, disagreements arise between the worker, the employer and the insurer as to how injured or ill the worker is. To get medical benefits, the worker must have suffered an injury or illness because of their work and the condition requires medical care. The worker can receive reasonable medical care that is appropriate for their condition. They can also be reimbursed for the cost of prescriptions and mileage expended to visit their doctor.

The employer can determine what healthcare provider the worker will use in the health plan for the first visit. After that, the employee can choose the provider. The insurer can have the employee go see a medical professional of the insurer’s choosing to evaluate the medical condition and determine whether the worker is still too injured to return to work. After the insurer has received the claim, an insurance card with a claim number will be given to the employee. This is important for pre-approval for treatment. The medical benefits will continue for the duration of the injury or illness.

Medical care is a critical part of returning to good health after a work accident or injury. But, in many cases, the employer and the insurer seek to minimize the care the worker needs. With the medical expenses and lost wages that can accrue without workers’ compensation, it is essential that workers get the benefits they are entitled to. Calling a workers’ compensation law firm is key when facing these problems.