As this blog often notes, accidents can happen at any kind of workplace, and they can injure even the most experienced employees. The workers’ compensation system provides a way for injured workers to pay for medical expenses and other costs after an accident. In the event of a fatal accident, workers’ compensation benefits can help the worker’s family.

Recently, an 82-year-old man was killed in a workplace accident while he was working on the engine of a crane at a construction site. According to news reports, the man had worked repairing cranes across Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire since he was 18. On this occasion, he was called to a construction site in New Hampshire to perform maintenance on a crane that was not working properly.

The owner of the construction project found the man enmeshed in the gears of the crane. He was not breathing, and the owner called the police. The officers who responded to the call said they observed that the crane’s motor had been running while the man was making repairs. Somehow, he was pulled into the machinery and suffered terminal injuries.

Family members quoted in news reports expressed shock upon hearing the news of the man’s death because he had a reputation for working incredibly carefully.

When a person dies in a workplace accident, their family may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Anyone who suffers an injury or loses a loved one in a workplace accident may wish to consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for advice on how to prepare and file a claim for survivors’ benefits.