The machinery that construction workers in Massachusetts use in their projects can dig deep holes in the earth, lift huge beams and drag tons of bricks anywhere they are needed. Sadly, they also seriously injure, even kill workers sometimes.

When a construction is worker is killed in an accident with a machine, the victim’s family is left to pick up the pieces. They must figure out how to move on without their spouse or parent. Workers’ compensation death benefits can help with the financial loss, though it cannot fill the emotional void.



Killed by a crane engine

In a recent example, the owner of a local family construction business was killed while working on a crane recently. Police believe the man was repairing the crane when he was pulled into the running engine.

In this tragic case, the deceased was 82 years old and his children are grown. More commonly, construction workers killed at a job site are younger. They do not own the company and their families typically depend a great deal on their wages to make ends meet.

Survivors’ benefits in Massachusetts

The purpose of death benefits, also known as survivors’ benefits, is to provide the deceased worker’s family compensation for a portion of their wages as well as money to pay for burial costs. In Massachusetts, spouses and dependent children are eligible for survivors’ benefits.

When grieving the loss of the loved one to a work-related accident, families should turn to a workers’ compensation attorney instead of trying to deal with the process of obtaining benefits themselves.