Just about everyone has heard of workers’ compensation. Not everyone knows the extent of what it can do for them, though. Workers’ comp is a type of insurance which virtually every employer is required to carry. If you are an employee who is injured while performing your job, then workers’ compensation steps in to help you cover the costs associate with your injury.

Benefit coverage is not limited to just hospital bills. You may receive financial benefits for a wide variety of things which we will cover here. One thing to remember is that time is always a factor with workers’ comp. You will want to report your injury to your supervisor and begin the application process as soon as possible.

This is something that an experienced attorney can help you with. They will make applying smoother and easier, meaning you are free to focus on recovery. They will advocate for you to receive the maximum benefits possible and appeal on your behalf should your application be denied for any reason.

How workers comp gets workers back on their feet

While not a comprehensive list, these are among the most common – and most important – things that workers’ compensation benefits may cover.

Medical costs – This includes time spent in the hospital, later doctor visits, prescriptions, physical rehab, medical devices and virtually any other medical cost associated with your injury.

Lost wage reimbursement – Workers’ comp can provide pay for days you spend unable to work while recovering. How much you receive is based on how disabled you are and your weekly wage.

Loss of function – Permanent or temporary loss of function of a body part due to your injury entitles you to a payout based on a doctor’s decision of how much function you have lost and your weekly wage.

Scarring or disfigurement – If you suffer scarring on your face, neck or hands, you may be eligible for a one-time lump sum of up to $15,000 in addition to other benefits.

Vocational rehab – You may also be entitled to benefits while you are retraining for your position, or you may also be able to be placed in a vocation you are able to perform.

These are common examples of what workers’ compensation may cover. Your attorney will be able to help you determine what specifically you should apply and fight for.

Workers’ compensation is robust in the benefits it offers. If you have suffered a serious injury in your line of work, don’t wait to pursue a claim. It is illegal for employers to retaliate when a worker files, so you have nothing to lose and plenty of benefits to gain.