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Workplace accidents can be influenced by various job factors

Safety is a primary issue for Massachusetts workers no matter what kind of work they do. Because work accidents and the injuries that result can have a life-changing impact, it is wise to think about what can cause them. Research is beneficial as it can provide steps to avoiding injuries and death after an accident on the job. While many factors are obvious, such as the type of job, other aspects should also be considered. After an accident, the victim should know how to be approved for workers' compensation to cover for medical costs, lost wages and more.

A recent study from the University of Washington says that employment factors including wages, the flexibility of schedule and how secure the person is in the job can affect basic health and the chance of being injured on the job. In the study, researchers suggest that the conditions in the workplace should be assessed along with the job itself when thinking about workplace safety. As the way in which people work changes and technology grows more important, the rising number of people who work as contractors, are in the "gig" economy and have different hours will change the dynamic of worker health and safety.

Should I accept a workers' comp settlement?

If you get injured on the job, the standard course of action is to cover medical bills and give you routine payments for other costs, such as lost wages. However, the insurance company may come to you and offer a settlement. This means they'll pay you far more up front than any one monthly payment, but that will be it. It will be all you get.

Should you do it? There are some advantages. You don't have to deal with the monthly payments, for instance, or worry about a stoppage. You get more money up front, which can feel like a win in the moment. It also puts the incident behind you. For some injured workers, that's all they really want.

For workers' compensation, what is pay-without-prejudice?

When workers in Massachusetts are injured or become ill from the work conditions, it is important to understand how to get workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are integral to covering for lost wages and getting the necessary medical treatment. Oftentimes, people misunderstand certain aspects of the workers' compensation process. For example, they might not know when they will begin getting benefits and payments for their injury or condition. Furthermore, they might not be aware of "pay-without-prejudice."

In general, injured workers will start getting checks for lost wages within three weeks to a month after they have been injured or become ill. The payments will cover days that were lost after the initial five calendar days. Those five days will not be paid, except in cases in which the worker was disabled for a minimum of 21 calendar days. When the person is injured or ill, there is what is known as a "pay-without-prejudice" time period.

Knowing the dangers of workplace accidents for asphalt workers

In Massachusetts and throughout the U.S., the roads are of paramount importance. Also important is structural repair work for buildings. For roads, so many vehicles go back and forth on the nation's roadways that maintenance with asphalt is a critical factor in ensuring safety. Many people who are having a roof repaired will choose to have it done with asphalt. With that, the workers who are tasked with paving and roofing should be cognizant of the dangers of working with asphalt.

In paving and roofing, a significant amount of asphalt is used. According to statistics, there are half-a-million workers who seek workers' compensation benefits after illness from having been exposed to asphalt fumes. Since asphalt comes from crude oil, it can make people ill if they are exposed to it for an extended period. Medical issues include losing appetite, having eye irritation, coughing, a sore throat, a skin rash, feeling fatigued and even skin cancer.

Can you appeal a denied Social Security Disability claim?

When Massachusetts residents suffer from an injury, illness or condition that leaves them unable to work, Social Security Disability benefits can be extraordinarily helpful. When applying for disability benefits, it is not a guarantee that the initial application will be approved. Many people are dispirited by this information. However, they should know that an appeal can be effective to get an approval even after the claim was first denied.

This requires understanding the four levels of appeal. After a denial, the Social Security Administration must receive the written request to appeal within 60 days. The levels of appeal are: reconsideration; an administrative law judge hearing; an Appeals Council review; and a Federal Court review.

Gas employee hit by car might need workers' compensation

In Massachusetts, many workers are required to be in the road to do their jobs. This is true for maintenance workers, sanitation workers, construction employees and gas and energy workers. These people are putting a significant amount of trust in drivers who are passing by that they will adhere to the rules of the road and do everything possible to keep these workers safe. However, there can be accidents and when a worker is hit by a car, it can cause severe, life-changing injuries and death. Workers and their families must not only think about the medical care and treatment, but they must also consider the future of their employment and how they will make ends meet. This is where workers' compensation is critical.

According to recent reports, a 50-year-old worker for National Grid was seriously hurt when he was hit by a car. He was in the road to mark underground utilities to prepare for a construction project when a vehicle hit him. It was around 10:30 a.m. The 60-year-old driver was in a 2015 Nissan. Witnesses gave the worker CPR. The driver of the Nissan was also hospitalized. The company is still trying to determine the circumstances of the accident. The law enforcement investigation is continuing.

Sometimes, you can sue your employer and get workers' comp, too

Getting hurt at work is a nightmare for a working professional. It can mean time off of work, filling out lengthy accident reports and lost income, to say nothing of the pain and stress of dealing with the injury. Although people in certain professions, like construction or medical care, are at higher risk than others, injuries and illnesses can result from just about any career path or work environment.

If you get hurt on the job, you will likely wind up worrying about how to pay your bills and get the medical care you need to return to your job. In some cases, you may have to face the terrifying reality of not being able to return to work in the future, which can mean significant financial hardship for you and the people you love.

How does workers' compensation cover scarring and disfigurement?

In Massachusetts, worker injuries can range from minor to fatal. There are many variables in between and those who have suffered certain types of injuries should understand how workers' compensation addresses the injury and provides them with benefits. For people who have been scarred and suffered a permanent loss of function with disfigurement, it is wise to understand how they can receive benefits for and how long the benefits last.

Workers can receive benefits for scarring, permanent loss and disfigurement if they have suffered an injury due to their work or became ill and they have a permanent loss of use or ability to use bodily functions, are scarred or disfigured. To receive benefits under this section, the scars must be on the hands, neck or face.

Massachusetts workers’ comp laws include undocumented workers

You have a right to worker’s compensation if you are injured or become sick because of your job. Massachusetts law guarantees it. Your employer must insure you for job-related health problems.

You may have heard of a recent case of an employer violating this right and trying to use immigration authorities to avoid his responsibility to insure his employees. Because it apparently violates the law so blatantly, the case became a major controversy, with the Boston mayor and the U.S. Department of Labor taking the side of the injured worker.

Workers' compensation could help injured construction worker

According to recent reports, a construction worker was injured and needed to be flown to a trauma center after an on-the-job accident. The accident occurred shortly before noon. The male worker was taking part in a construction project when a construction trailer crashed into him. The trailer was on a truck and was in the process of being unloaded. Emergency personnel needed to extricate him from the trailers as he was trapped between them. The injured man had been driving one of the trucks to bring the equipment to the site. The accident is believed to have happened when the trailer came loose from its rigging. The man's injuries were reportedly serious. The case is being investigated by local and federal authorities.

A construction accident is one of the most common causes for workers' compensation claims. Falling from a ladder, a scaffold or a great height can cause broken bones, brain trauma and spinal cord damage. Those who are working in a trench can be injured when the trench collapses. There can be an explosion or fires. Toxic substances are sometimes needed as part of the project and people can become injured from these as well. And, there is the chance of being hit by a vehicle or injured by a tool. The short and long-term impact of such an incident can be physically, personally and financially catastrophic. Workers' compensation benefits can help with paying for treatment and ensuring the worker can make ends meet during the recovery. If the damage is permanent, workers' compensation benefits can help with that too.

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