Merrimack Valley Medical Bills Attorneys

Medical bills can stack up in a hurry after a serious injury. If your injury occurred on the job, you have the right to obtain full coverage for the medical treatment relating to the injury.

If you are seeking workers' compensation for medical bills in Massachusetts, the lawyers at Torrisi & Torrisi, P.C., can provide you with experienced advice and strong advocacy. Our North Andover law firm has helped numerous injured workers throughout Massachusetts.

Compensation For Medical Bills After A Work Injury

Massachusetts workers' compensation law allows for compensation for all medical expenses resulting from a work injury, including:

  • Hospital visits
  • Medical tests, including X-rays and MRIs
  • Doctor fees
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medication

There is often disagreement as to what medical treatment is necessary. If the insurer denies your claim, it is important to explore your legal options with an experienced workers' comp lawyer. Even if part of your benefits are denied — prescription medication coverage, for instance — a skilled attorney can help you pursue a favorable outcome.

Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in Massachusetts workers' compensation laws and can help you determine if you are being treated fairly. If your employer is unfairly denying coverage of your medical bills, we will fight for you.

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